Via Ripa Serancia, 31 Orvieto  05018 (TR) Italy
 +39 0763 343 572    +39 380 359 4033
 [email protected] or [email protected]
Skype : sm4rtm0b
Sex Male | Date of birth 06/04/1989 | Nationality Italian


2013 –in progress Help Desk in DB Servizi

Is responsible for managing in network and OS, in addition to the normal and daily commitment ArcaEvolution product.

It also represents the technical expert for the product Archidoo, specializing in Document Management and Digital Preservation of electronic data and IntegraCom, integrated Voip (Voispeed) PBX software

Business or sector Sysadmin , Help Desk ERP, CRM , Document Management and Integrated Voip software.


Graduated scientific high school E.Majorana Orvieto

▪  acquired ECDL certificate

▪  “Competenze di Base e Trasversale I Annualità”

▪  “Comunicazione e competenze relazionali”


Mother tongue(s) Italian
Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING
Listening Listening Listening
English B1 English B1 English B1
Communication skills ▪  good communication skills gained through my experience in the Help Desk


Organisational / managerial skills ▪  good organizational skills acquired during my experience with the company networking and management settings.


Computer skills

▪  good command of Microsoft Office™ tools

▪ knowledge of Microsoft and Linux operating systems

▪ knowledge of  VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization systems

▪ knowledge of basic AP Mikrotik OS Router

▪  good knowledge of Synolgy (nas) system , Synology High Availability (SHA) and online backup

▪  good knowledge of server configuration and Microsoft  Server OS with directory service (Microsoft Active Directory)

▪  good knowledge of  the configuration for networking system

▪  good knowledge of integrated Voip ( telephone exchange) with phone brand linke cisco, gigaset and yealink

▪  good knowledge in the  company  network settings and  management

▪  basic knowledge of SQL language

▪  knowledge of html , php, css language and WordPress

▪  knowledge of SQL and MYSQL database

▪  good use of Adobe Photoshop C6/ CC

▪  Maintenance and PC construction






Driving licence ▪  B
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